Tools required: Chimera jailbreak tool

Applicable system: iOS 12.0-iOS 12.1.2 

Hello, Hello, welcome to Bee Technology. The current jailbreak tools are very spiritual, and they all bring their own regrets. Comes with the ability to clear jailbreak. Let the bee tell you.

Clear the jailbreak environment:

1According to international practice, you need to restart your phone, then open the Chimera jailbreak tool, slide from bottom to top, and click “Restore RootFS”.

2. Click [ok] to return, then click [Restore Filesystem] to restore.

3. Rboot required will pop up during the run, click [ok] to restart the phone

4. After rebooting, continue to open Chimera, click “Restore RootFS” again to start [Restore Filesystem] to confirm the complete removal of the jailbreak environment.

In the end, you only need to “erase all the content and settings”. Sileo disappears, and then re-use the Aisi assistant to restore the original backup, you can go back to the beginning.

Note: Please manually uninstall the plug-in with icons on the desktop before restoring, and back up important data.