With the release of Chimera, the iOS 12 jailbreaking tool, iOS 12.0~iOS 12.1.2 jailbreak is a final result. Xiaobian summarizes some of the considerations of the new jailbreak tool and gives feedback to everyone.

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1: Any jailbreaking tool has an abnormal risk of jamming. In order to guarantee the security of the data 100%, it is recommended that you back up the information in jailbreak, even if the risk of killing the white apple is very low.

2: The latest Chimera jailbreak tool supports all devices, including non-A12 models and A12 models.

3: I recommend non-A12 models to use unc0ver for jailbreak, A12 choose Chimera for jailbreak

4: Chimera jailbreak tool, does not contain Cydia, only contains Sileo tools developed by CoolStar

5: Chimera can install Cydia, but need to uninstall Sileo, see the next chapter.

6: Objectively speaking, after 3 days, the Silero+substrate included in the Chimera jailbreak has also been iterated three times, and the whole is gradually stable. The students waiting to see can consider it.

7: Chimera jailbreak comes with apt8 and jailbroken store Sileo also needs a new UI, the source adaptation requirements are very high, and the compatibility of many sources is poor, so there are many problems that the source cannot be downloaded and the page displays errors.

8: About A12, A12 students are very special, not belonging to the traditional 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs, and the independent framework is ARM64e. If the plugin prompts no suitiable image (the appropriate image is not found), the literal meaning is obvious, the current plugin does not support the new framework of A12.

This time because arm64e can not directly identify arm64, resulting in a lot of plug-ins can not be compatible, developers need to recompile the new version, this A12 compatibility work will be much slower than before, please understand. Wait patiently.

9: Many sources have been basically adapted to apt8+sileo, and most non-A12 core plugins can be downloaded and installed normally. The Sileo version will be updated in the near future, and the convenient classification is still due to the fact that Sileo itself has no interface.

10: Finally, I wish you all a happy holiday.