Many people now use the description file to expand the iPhone’s features, or limit certain system features, such as shielding upgrade reminders. As the description files are familiar to more and more iPhone users, some APP developers are now starting to use their brains. Everyone knows that the App Store’s auditing system is very strict, and substandard APPs cannot be put on the shelves. In order to let these apps enter the user’s iPhone, the developer will start with the description file, download the app from the official website, and then install the description file provided by the developer. These apps that are not on the App Store can be opened normally.

How to delete the description file

So how do you delete the description file when you no longer use these apps? it’s actually really easy. Simply go to Settings – General – Description File to find and delete the installed profile.

How to delete the description file for iPhone

Description file cannot be deleted

In order to keep the number of users of the APP, some developers will play rogue and add a “Web Clip” to the description file, so that the user cannot delete the description file as usual. Not only that, but even the APP can’t be deleted. In this case, we need to use computer software to delete the description file.


The macOS system can use the Apple Configurator 2 software to delete the description file, which is Apple’s official software and can be downloaded free of charge in the App Store ( direct address ).

  1. After opening the app, connect your phone to your computer, click “Get Started” on the homepage and unlock your phone.Description file deletion method
  2. Click on “Action” – “Remove” – ​​”Profile” in the menu bar aboveWhat if the description file cannot be deleted?
  3. At this point, the app will automatically find the profile that the iPhone has installed, find the target description file and delete it.


Conditional preparation tool

  • Install iTunes and .NET Framework 3.5
  • iPhone Configuration Utility ( click to download )

In the search bar below the Windows Start menu, search for “iPhone Configuration Utility” and open it. Connect the iPhone to your computer, and the phone will pop up a prompt and click “Trust”. Click on the device name on the left, then switch to “Profile File”, find the target description file and delete it.