Unlock Hidden Search Engines

hidden search engine 5As you may know, Safari uses Google as the search engine by default. However, you can also change the search engine, besides Google also Yahoo !, Bing and DuckDuckGo are available. With the help of a little trick, you can also unlock other search engines!

Activate Chinese & Russian keyboard

Specifically, it is about the search engines Yandex, Baidu, Sogou and 360 Search. Yandex is the Russian competition to Google, while Baidu, Sogou and 360 Search are Chinese search engine. All of these search engines unlocks it on your iPhone with a little trick that deals with the activation of two other keyboards.

Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add keyboard

Tap on your iPhone first in the settings and select the category General. Next, scroll down and press the keyboard heading. At this level you open keyboards; this field already shows the number of activated keyboards on the right.

At the next level below the activated keyboards, press Add keyboard to activate more keyboards.


Scroll down to Other iPhone keyboards. Activate the keyboard Chinese (Simplified) by tapping it, and decide on any layout, such as Pinyin – QWERTY (this does not matter for our purposes). Confirmed at the top right with a hint on Done.

Repeat this step and activate the Russian keyboard the same way.


Unlock Hidden Search Engines

Now that you have activated both the Chinese and the Russian keyboard, you can unlock the two hidden search engines.

Settings> Safari> Search engine

Open the settings again, scroll down and tap Safari. Under Search, click on the field Search engine. This field displays the currently selected search engine, in our case Google.

At the next level you can now also use the Chinese search engines Baidu, Sogou and 360 Search as well as the Russian search engine Yandex in addition to the search engines mentioned above. Just give her a hint.

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Baidu, Yandex & Co. use

You use the alternative search engines just as you use Google. In Safari enter a search term into the address field and press Search. The search results are now not just presented on Google, but on Baidu or Yandex.


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